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Coorg has a rich and vibrant culture that is unique and fascinating. Of the many things typically Coorg, it's cuisine plays a crucial part in reminding us of its glorious heritage.

At Ainmane, we aim to carry this legacy forward by bringing the best collection of food products from the highlands of Coorg & Western Ghats. Significant collaboration with similarly-minded coffee growers, beekeeper and other agriculturists, we have made sure that each and every product is 100% genuine, like they have always been in Coorg homes. No adulteration, no shortcuts!

We take great pride in sharing the ‘Coorg’ experience, its rich culture, the brave legacy and the ever-fascinating heritage, in a way that will be representative of the richness of this beautiful land of ours. We hope these products not only enrich your food, but will also give you an opportunity to appreciate the history and tradition of Coorg