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We as Coorg Consolidated Commodities are a company who believe in giving back to Nature and Community, the products we sell are indigenous and sourced using methods that do not cause any imbalance in nature or animal habitat. We are extremely conscious in what we sell, and each product is tested and approved by the “FSSAI” – Food safety & standards authority of India. Our registration number is 11215319000115.

The Western Ghats of India is a mountain range that covers an area 140,000 sq kms in a stretch of 1600 kms parallel to the western coasts of the Indian peninsula, Coorg is part of Western Ghats and its about 4100 sq kms in size. Coorg has 40% of forest cover, there are three Wildlife Sanctuaries and a National Park and hundreds of Reserve Forests, Revenue Forests and Holy Forests. There are more than 7600 plant species in Western Ghats.

India produces 3,10,000 tons of Coffee which is 3% of the world’s productions. The Coffee plantation in Coorg is around 2.5 lakhs hectares, Coorg produces 40% of India’s production which is 1,40,000 tons out of which 1,00,000 tons of Robusta and 30 to 40,000 tons of Arabica. The Coffee grown in Coorg 100% shade grown meaning under the shade of trees. Robusta Coffee of Coorg is one of the top-rated beans that are selected for exports from India. Europe alone imports about 28,000 tons of Robusta washed Coffee from Coorg.

Civet/Luwak coffee is available in reasonably good quantity which is a dropping of Free-Range Civets roaming in most of the coffee plantation in Coorg. Due to forest cover all over the plantations we find free range Civets in Coorg. Civet/Luwak Coffee is priced above Rs 40,000 per Kg in the international market, but we sell this at a reasonable price since there is not market maturity in India yet. Apart from Coorg nearby district Chikmagalur also produces fine Arabica coffee.  Nearby district Mangalore which is closer to Coorg and Chikmagalur we are one of the few companies process the specialty coffee called Monsooned Malabar. We currently sell around 16 varieties of Coffee.

We sell Single origin, Organic Arabica, and Washed Robusta along with Wild Civet Coffee are a few premium beans available at our retail outlets.

In Coorg’s nearby district Dakshin Kannada they grow Cocoa, most of all southern Indian states grows Cocoa in good quantity which are equally good as some of the imported Cocoa used by commercial industries in India. We procure to process the Cocoa and manufacture nearly 22 types of handcrafted chocolates which are made using industrial practices. These chocolates are handcrafted in small batches exclusively sold only at Ainmane retail outlets. Additionally, we also manufacture and sell varieties of Cocoa products such as Cocoa spreads, Baking Chocolate & Roasted Cocoa powder.

We collect to process and sell Artisanal honey from Coorg. We currently produce 7 types of Honey which are naturally collected. Pot Honey and Mountain Honey are the most unique varieties. Additionally, we manufacture different types of Jams, Marmalades and Fruit Concentrates of the fruits grown in Coorg. We also manufacture 5 variety of Pickles made from local produce.

We manufacture good quality Arecanut Supari- Mouth Freshener, Coorg Curry Masala and Organic Vinegar. Also trading quality Spices namely Green Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Dry Ginger Powder, Mace, Nutmeg, Star Aniseed, Cinnamon, and few more.

We currently run two Café’s in our town Madikeri in Coorg and 1 Cafe and Boutique stores in Bangalore & Kushalnagar run by our franchises. We operate in total of 7 outlets that represent Ainmane. Additional channel is our own E-Commerce web shop  which can be accessed to see & purchase the entire product range. 


We offer franchise across India selectively.

The investment for a Café-& Specialty Store will be about 19 lakhs rupees as below mentioned:

The approximate breakup of investment is as below:

  • One time Franchise license fee Rs 1 lakh (nonrefundable)


Cost of Machineries and Accessories consists of:

  • Astoria Italian Espresso Coffee Maker with grinder
  • Coffee Cylos 5 Kgs 6 numbers of German make
  • Ice cube maker and Refrigerator to keep the food is about 8 Lakhs approximately.
  • Interiors including furniture’s, Air conditioner and glow signboard and restroom is about Rs 5 lakhs
  • Stocks of Coffee and other products is about Rs 5 lakhs


Investment for a franchise of Stand-Alone Specialty Store will be approximately 8,50,000

  • One time Franchise license fee Rs 50,000 (nonrefundable)
  • Interior, billing machines, glow sign will be 2.5 lakhs
  • Coffee Cylos 6 numbers and coffee grinding machine 2.5lakhs
  • Investment on stocks will be approximately 3 lakhs.
  • We give approximately 30% to 40% margin minus tax in all products except spices.
  • We look forward for your consent and suggestions, if any.


Managing Partners
Coorg Consolidated Commodities


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