We are open to trading through a series of well-constructed business models, please drop us a note at feedback@ainmane.com or you could call us at +919482235796.

1. Franchises

We offer franchises with an exclusivity only to AinMane products since the same is not sold in modern retail outlets. Consumers would have to buy products from either the franchise outlets or place an online order on our website.

2. Wholesale

We offer supply of large quantities of packaged AinMane products at wholesale prices to any modern retailer. gourmet multi-brand food stores such that there is dedicated shelf space for our brand.

3. Bulk supply

We offer some our products in bulk to medium and large enterprises labeled and packed in their brand exclusively or without any specific packaging.

4. Export

We possess an export license and offer to export certain products of brand AinMane depending on the regulations of the respective countries.