Giri Plantation Gold- Baarbara Estate

Dating back to coffee farming in 1896 , Baarbara Estate as over a century of heritage in growing well known Giri Coffee which  are fine AA Arabica beans . Plantation are at an elevation between 3000 to 5300 ft above sea level , the geo -positioning is revered by coffee connoisseurs as the Coffee Cradle of India . Coffee is enhanced by the soil, wilderness and the multi-diverse bio partners in the form of flora & fanna of the Western Ghats . The beans are carefully handpicked and sorted manually , fermented for a good time with clean water, pulped with eco -friendly dry pulping methods and naturally sun-dried for days to retain good moisture.  

Nutritional information
  1. Total Ash - 4.16g
  2. Protien - 17.25g
  3. Fat - 9.08g
  4. Carbohydrates - 69.90g
  5. Calories - 414.32g
  6. crude fibre - 61.60g