Our Story

"Passion meets expertise - this is when a brand succeeds. As the founders of AinMane, Thamoo Poovaiah and Narendra Hebbar, started the brand in 2015 based on mutual interest of bringing products from Coorg and the other regions of Western Ghats to an off the shelf business model. Poovaiah with his lifelong pride and passion for everything to do with Coorg , and Hebbar a coffee planter with his love and expertise of coffee created a launch pad with the AinMane initiative to source local products which remains true to the brand name.

Despite being one of the major producers of coffee in the country, Coorg coffee is not well represented which is why Poovaiah and Hebbar worked towards creating a global brand such as 'AinMane'. Having known each other for over 25 years only made this easier to achieve as they are both deeply rooted in Coorg and share their love for quality coffee. This is only the beginning, and the brand has a long way to go. So,come experience Coorg with the flavours of AinMane. "