Sustainable Sourcing

The success of our brand is directly linked with the people who work hard to produce and supply the products we sell. Our objective is to help local communities thrive by creating a market for their indigenous products, which in turn will help sustain long- term relationships with the suppliers.

Adulteration free

Every consumer is looking for quality products that are adulteration free, and we at AinMane source and sell products which are adulteration free. With the growing health awareness in the market we aim to deliver healthy, pure and quality products complying with required safety regulations and certifications.

Fair Pricing

As a community based approach we ensure that our local famers and suppliers have better access to markets and recieve fair prices for their products , thereby providing them with an advantage to improve their livelihoods. We do not have middle-men to negotiate the terms, and completely rely on dialogue, transparency and respect for the community.